How to improve my Final Major Project proposal:

  • Make sure that I include details about permission I may need when using footage or sound that someone else owns-improve the way I feature regulations.
  • Upload my most updated proposal to my Weebly so that I can compare each draft in order to improve the final one.
  • Correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Include a detailed explanation of why I was inspired and what the work entails.
  • Who is my target audience and how will my work appeal to them?
Production Log

I made four short animations so that I could practice the technique for my final major project. I also updated my FMP page on weebly and continued to research other people who have made films similar to what I want to make for inspiration and ideas.

Homework: give two examples of jobs for each of the following sectors: technical, administrative, managerial, creative, editorial, financial and marketing/sales.

These are the websites I used:

1) http://www.brandrepublic.com/

2) http://www.grapevinejobs.com/home.asp

3) http://mandy.com/

4) http://www.filmcrewpro.com/uk/

5) http://www.productionbase.co.uk/

Media jobs:

1) Technical- technical lead/head of technical, technical liaison assistant

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/453988/technical-lead-head-of-technical/

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/452554/technical-director-creative-digital-company/

2) Administrative- artwork coordinator, event coordinator, account executive

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/453094/artwork-co-ordinator/

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/453372/event-coordinator-west-london-up-to-21k/

3)  Managerial- senior account manager, digital project director, senior project manager

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/452674/senior-account-manager-west-yorkshire/

- http://jobs.brandrepublic.com/job/453046/editor-in-chief-hong-kong/

4) Creative- creative director, creative lead, creative designer

5) Editorial- chief editor, graphic designer

6) Financial- financial PR account manager, account director

7) Marketing and sales- marketing manager, trade marketing manager, digital marketing manager

Media lesson 12-05-11

Today, prior to today’s media lesson, we made arrangements to shoot the footage on monday from 3-4pm. Sergul is currently typing out a brief storyboard which we will print out and take with us to the location we’re filming on.

Our footage

Unfortunately a member of our group accidentally taped over the footage we collected from our first shoot, so a footage log was impossible to make. 
We have therefore liaised with the actors/actresses and crew we used on the day and will be re-filming following the same storyboard and plan and completing the footage log. This means we will also have to re-apply for permission to leave the school from our teachers and parents to film again. When these two things have been completed our footage will be uploaded to our individual weebly sites. 
From this mistake within our group, I have learnt that when working in a group you must always share ideas, cooperate and if someone wants to do something that could potentially change some of our work, then they should consult the rest of the group before doing so.

05-05-11 Media lesson

Today in media Sergul, Dayanna and I are collecting the props we need and hopefully by the end of the next hour we will have filmed a part that will be added to our trailer. We decided to film a section of our trailer today in school, because we don’t need to shoot everything in the same location.

I will also be sending an email to Lisa Sprout, asking her permission to be in our horror trailer and asking her what days she is available to do so.

28-04-11 Media lesson

Last week in media each group uploaded their footage to each members’ computer and we all had a go at using an application called Final Cut. Due to an accident a couple of weeks ago our group didn’t have much footage for our trailer so we used other footage that Sergul filmed to practice on (Although we are slightly behind the other groups, this practice will hopfeully make it easier for us when we come to edit our final footage). We hope to re-shoot all of the footage next week following the same storyboard (so that we don’t have to redo all of the work we’ve already done).


Today’s media lesson

Today I have been reviewing what makes merit and distinction level footage and production, and have reviewed the mistakes made last week and how to resolve them.

We will have to re-shoot the footage we collected the last time we went after the Easter holidays so this lesson has been useful to our group by showing us what we need to do to prevent mistakes happening in future projects.

Pre-production progress

I have created pre-production word documents; camera script; cast, crew and equipment list and my proposal to film offsite-along with the basic plot of the trailer.

All my work has been uploaded to my Weebly site, on a separate page and sub-page so that my video production work is easy to locate.